Bot Framework Emulator

We have released a new Bot Framework Emulator! Get it here and for documentation, here.

Bot Framework Emulator running on Ubuntu

The Emulator is one of your most powerful tools in building your bot, and the new one is a great upgrade over our v1 emulator.

  • New Support for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • New All the Bot Framework card types are supported
  • New Save multiple profiles for when you’re working online and off
  • New Simplifies configuration when you’re working with ngrok
  • New Uses the webchat control for higher fidelity layout and consistency with the webchat experience
  • Send requests and receive responses to/from your bot endpoint on localhost
  • Inspect the Json response
  • Emulate a specific user and/or conversation
And - a much requested feature, the new Emulator is open source, please check it out on GitHub