Bot Builder for Node.js examples are organized into groups and designed to illustrate the techniques needed to build great bots. To use the samples clone our GitHub repository using Git.

git clone https://github.com/Microsoft/BotBuilder.git
cd BotBuilder/Node
npm install

The node examples below can then be found under the “Node/examples” directory.

Hello World

These examples show a simple “Hello World” sample for each bot type supported by the framework.

Example Description
hello-ConsoleConnector “Hello World” for ConsoleConnector class.
hello-ChatConnector “Hello World” for ChatConnector class.

Basic Techniques

These examples show the basic techniques needed to build a great bot. All of the examples use the TextBot class and can be executed from a console window.

Example Description
basics-waterfall Shows how to use a waterfall to prompt the user with a series of questions.
basics-loops Shows how to use session.replaceDialog() to create loops.
basics-menus Shows how to create a simple menu system for a bot.
basics-naturalLanguage Shows how to use a LuisDialog to add natural language support to a bot.
basics-multiTurn Shows how to implement simple multi-turns using waterfalls.
basics-firstRun Shows how to create a First Run experience using a piece of middleware.
basics-logging Shows how to add logging/filtering of incoming messages using a piece of middleware.
basics-localization Shows how to implement multiple language support for a bot.
basics-customPrompt Shows how to create a custom prompt of arbitrary complexity.
basics-libraries Shows how to package up a set of dialogs as a library that can be shared across multiple bots.

Demo Bots

These are bots designed to showcase what’s possible on specific channels. They’re great sources of code fragments if you’re looking to have you bot lightup specific features for a channel.

Example Description
demo-skype A bot designed to showcase what’s possible on skype.
demo-skype-calling A bot designed to show how to build a calling bot for skype.
demo-facebook A bot designed to showcase what’s possible on Facebook.

You can find more samples in the Bot Builder SDK Samples repo