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Interface IPromptArgs

DEPRECATED the new prompt system just uses IPromptOptions.




Optional attachmentLayout

attachmentLayout: string

Hint for how clients should layout multiple attachments. The default value is 'list'.

Optional attachments

attachments: IAttachment[]

For incoming messages contains attachments like images sent from the user. For outgoing messages contains objects like cards or images to send to the user.

Optional entities

entities: any[]

Structured objects passed to the bot or user.

Optional enumsValues

enumsValues: string[]

Optional inputHint

inputHint: string

Hint for clients letting them know if the bot is expecting further input or not. The built-in prompts will automatically populate this value for outgoing messages.

Optional libraryNamespace

libraryNamespace: string

(Optional) namespace to use for localization and other purposes. This defaults to the callers namespace.

Optional listStyle

listStyle: ListStyle

(Optional) type of list to render for PromptType.choice. Default value is ListStyle.auto.

Optional localizationNamespace

localizationNamespace: string

DEPRECATED use libraryNamespace instead.

Optional maxRetries

maxRetries: number

(Optional) maximum number of times to re-prompt the user. By default the user will be re-prompted indefinitely.

Optional prompt

(Optional) Initial prompt to send the user. This is typically populated by the Prompts.xxx() function.

Optional promptAfterAction

promptAfterAction: boolean

(Optional) flag used to control the re-prompting of a user after a dialog started by an action ends. The default value is true.


promptType: PromptType

Optional refDate

refDate: number

(Optional) reference date when recognizing times. Date expressed in ticks using Date.getTime().

Optional retryCnt

retryCnt: number

Optional retryPrompt

retryPrompt: TextOrMessageType

(Optional) retry prompt to send if the users response isn't understood. Default is to just re-prompt with a customizable system prompt.

Optional retrySpeak

retrySpeak: TextType

(Optional) SSML to send with the retryPrompt. If the retryPrompt is of type IMessage or IIsMessage, this value will be ignored. If this value is an array a response will be chosen at random.

Optional speak

speak: TextType

(Optional) SSML to send with the initial prompt. If the prompt is of type IMessage or IIsMessage, this value will be ignored. If this value is an array a response will be chosen at random.

Optional textFormat

textFormat: string

Format of text fields. The default value is 'markdown'.


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