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Interface IIntentDialogOptions

Options used to configure an IntentDialog.




Optional intentThreshold

intentThreshold: number

(optional) Minimum score needed to trigger the recognition of an intent. The default value is 0.1.

Optional processLimit

processLimit: number

(Optional) Maximum number of recognizers to evaluate at one time when recognizerOrder is parallel.

Optional recognizeMode

recognizeMode: RecognizeMode

(Optional) Controls the dialogs processing of incoming user utterances. The default is RecognizeMode.onBeginIfRoot. The default prior to v3.2 was RecognizeMode.onBegin.

Optional recognizeOrder

recognizeOrder: RecognizeOrder

(Optional) The order in which the configured recognizers should be evaluated. The default order is parallel.

Optional recognizers

recognizers: IIntentRecognizer[]

(Optional) list of intent recognizers to run the users utterance through.

Optional stopIfExactMatch

stopIfExactMatch: boolean

(Optional) If true the recognition will stop when a score of 1.0 is encountered. The default value is true.


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