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Class ActionSet

Implement support for named actions which can be bound to a dialog to handle global utterances from the user like "help" or "cancel". Actions get pushed onto and off of the dialog stack as part of dialogs so these listeners can come into and out of scope as the conversation progresses. You can also bind named to actions to buttons which let your bot respond to button clicks on cards that have maybe scrolled off the screen.


  • ActionSet




  • addDialogTrigger(actions: ActionSet, dialogId: string): void
  • Called once for each dialog within a library to give the dialog a chance to add its triggerAction() to the libraries global action set. These triggers get mapped to a beginDialogAction() that starts the dialog when the trigger condition is met.


    • actions: ActionSet

      Libraries global action set.

    • dialogId: string

      The fully qualified ID of the dialog to trigger.

    Returns void


  • Returns a clone of an existing ActionSet.


    • Optional copyTo: ActionSet

      (Optional) instance to copy the current object to. If missing a new instance will be created.

    Returns ActionSet


  • Called during the Library.findRoutes() call for each dialog on the stack to determine if any of the dialogs actions are triggered by the users utterance.


    • context: IRecognizeDialogContext

      The context of the incoming message as well as the dialogData for the evaluated dialog.

    • callback: function

      Function to invoke with the top candidate route(s).

    Returns void



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