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Interface IWorkflow

IWorkflow is a JSON body send by the bot in response to IConversation or IConversationResult request from Skype Bot Platform for Calling. IWorkflow contains list of one or more actions that bots instructs Skype Bot Platform for Calling on execute on its behalf as well as callback HTTPs address if bot wants to be notified about result of last executed action outcome.





actions: IAction[]

A list of one or more actions that a bot wants to execute on call.


address: IAddress

Address routing information for the event. Save this field to external storage somewhere to later compose a proactive message to the user.


agent: string

SDK thats processing the event. Will always be 'botbuilder'.

Optional links

links: any

A callback link that will be used once the workflow is executed to reply with outcome of workflow.

Optional notificationSubscriptions

notificationSubscriptions: string[]

This field indicates that application wants to receive notification updates. Call state change notification is added to this list by default and cannot be unsubscribed.


source: string

The original source of the event (i.e. 'facebook', 'skype', 'slack', etc.)


sourceEvent: any

The original event in the sources native schema. For outgoing messages can be used to pass source specific event data like custom attachments.


type: string

Defines type of event. Should be 'message' for an IEvent.


user: IIdentity

For incoming event this is the user that sent the event. By default this is a copy of address.user but you can configure your bot with a lookupUser function that lets map the incoming user to an internal user id.


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