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Interface IUniversalCallBotSettings

Options used to initialize a UniversalCallBot instance.


  • IUniversalCallBotSettings



Optional autoBatchDelay

autoBatchDelay: number

(Optional) time to allow between each message sent as a batch. The default value is 150ms.

Optional defaultDialogArgs

defaultDialogArgs: any

(Optional) arguments to pass to the initial dialog for a conversation.

Optional defaultDialogId

defaultDialogId: string

(Optional) dialog to launch when a user initiates a new conversation with a bot. Default value is '/'.

Optional dialogErrorMessage

dialogErrorMessage: string | string[] | IAction | IIsAction

(Optional) message to send the user should an unexpected error occur during a conversation. A default message is provided.

Optional localizer

localizer: ILocalizer

(Optional) localizer used to localize the bots responses to the user.

Optional lookupUser

lookupUser: function

(Optional) function used to map the user ID for an incoming message to another user ID. This can be used to implement user account linking.

Type declaration

    • (address: IAddress, done: function): void
    • Parameters

      Returns void

Optional persistConversationData

persistConversationData: boolean

(Optional) if true shared conversationData will be persisted. The default value is false.

Optional persistUserData

persistUserData: boolean

(optional) if true userData will be persisted. The default value is true.

Optional processLimit

processLimit: number

(Optional) maximum number of async options to conduct in parallel.


promptDefaults: IPrompt

Default prompt settings to use.


recognizeDefaults: IRecognizeAction

Default recognizer settings to use.


recordDefaults: IRecordAction

Default recording settings to use.

Optional storage

storage: IBotStorage

(Optional) storage system to use for storing user & conversation data.


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