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Interface IRecordPromptOptions

Options passed to a 'record' prompt.




Optional initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds

initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum initial silence allowed before the recording is stopped. The default value is 5 seconds.

Optional maxDurationInSeconds

maxDurationInSeconds: number

Maximum duration of recording. The default value is 180 seconds.

Optional maxRetries

maxRetries: number

(Optional) maximum number of times to reprompt the user. Default value is 2.

Optional maxSilenceTimeoutInSeconds

maxSilenceTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum silence allowed after the speech is detected. The default value is 5 seconds.

Optional playBeep

playBeep: boolean

Indicates whether to play beep sound before starting a recording action.

Optional recordingFormat

recordingFormat: string

The format expected for the recording. The RecordingFormat enum describes the supported values. The default value is “wma”.

Optional stopTones

stopTones: string[]

Stop digits that user can press on dial pad to stop the recording.


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