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Interface IRecognizeAction

Recognize action allows to either capture the speech recognition output or collect digits from Skype user dial pad.





action: string

Type of action.

Optional bargeInAllowed

bargeInAllowed: boolean

Indicates if Skype user is allowed to enter choice before the prompt finishes. The default value is true.

Optional choices

List of RecognitionOption objects dictating the recognizable choices. Choices can be speech or dial pad digit based. Either collectDigits or choices must be specified, but not both.

Optional collectDigits

collectDigits: ICollectDigits

CollectDigits will result in collecting digits from Skype user dial pad as part of recognize. Either collectDigits or choices must be specified, but not both.

Optional culture

culture: string

Culture is an enum indicating what culture the speech recognizer should use. The default value is “en-US”. Currently the only culture supported is en-US.

Optional initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds

initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum initial silence allowed before failing the operation from the time we start the recording. The default value is 5 seconds.

Optional interdigitTimeoutInSeconds

interdigitTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum allowed time between dial pad digits. The default value is 1 second.


operationId: string

Used to correlate outcomes to actions in ConversationResult.

Optional playPrompt

playPrompt: IPlayPromptAction

A prompt to be played before the recognition starts.


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