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Interface IDigitsPromptOptions

Options passed to a 'digits' prompt.




Optional bargeInAllowed

bargeInAllowed: boolean

Indicates if Skype user is allowed to enter choice before the prompt finishes. The default value is true.

Optional culture

culture: string

Culture is an enum indicating what culture the speech recognizer should use. The default value is “en-US”. Currently the only culture supported is en-US.

Optional initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds

initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum initial silence allowed before failing the operation from the time we start the recording. The default value is 5 seconds.

Optional interdigitTimeoutInSeconds

interdigitTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum allowed time between dial pad digits. The default value is 1 second.

Optional maxRetries

maxRetries: number

(Optional) maximum number of times to reprompt the user. Default value is 2.

Optional stopTones

stopTones: string[]

(Optional) stop tones used to terminate the digit collection.


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