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Interface IConversation

IConversation is a JSON body of a first request for new Skype voice call made by Skype Bot Platform for Calling to a bot. IConversation JSON body is posted on initial HTTPs endpoint registered by a bot developer in the Bot Framework Portal. IConversation request contains information about caller and target of the call and some additional information about initial state of a call.





address: IAddress

Address routing information for the event. Save this field to external storage somewhere to later compose a proactive message to the user.


agent: string

SDK thats processing the event. Will always be 'botbuilder'.


callState: string

Indicates the current state of the call.

Optional links

links: any

Dictionary containing list of HTTPs links.


presentedModalityTypes: string[]

Flag indicates which modalities were presented by Skype user for a call.


source: string

The original source of the event (i.e. 'facebook', 'skype', 'slack', etc.)


sourceEvent: any

The original event in the sources native schema. For outgoing messages can be used to pass source specific event data like custom attachments.


type: string

Defines type of event. Should be 'message' for an IEvent.


user: IIdentity

For incoming event this is the user that sent the event. By default this is a copy of address.user but you can configure your bot with a lookupUser function that lets map the incoming user to an internal user id.


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