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Interface IConfirmPromptOptions

Options passed to a 'confirm' prompt.




Optional bargeInAllowed

bargeInAllowed: boolean

Indicates if Skype user is allowed to enter choice before the prompt finishes. The default value is true.

Optional cancelChoice

cancelChoice: IRecognitionChoice

Enables a third cancel choice.

Optional culture

culture: string

Culture is an enum indicating what culture the speech recognizer should use. The default value is “en-US”. Currently the only culture supported is en-US.

Optional initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds

initialSilenceTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum initial silence allowed before failing the operation from the time we start the recording. The default value is 5 seconds.

Optional interdigitTimeoutInSeconds

interdigitTimeoutInSeconds: number

Maximum allowed time between dial pad digits. The default value is 1 second.

Optional maxRetries

maxRetries: number

(Optional) maximum number of times to reprompt the user. Default value is 2.

Optional noChoice

Overrides the default options for the 'no' choice.

Optional yesChoice

Overrides the default options for the 'yes' choice.


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