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Class DialogAction

Dialog actions offer shortcuts to implementing common actions.


  • DialogAction



Static beginDialog

  • Returns a closure that will passes control of the conversation to a new dialog.

    Type parameters

    • T


    • id: string

      Unique ID of the dialog to start.

    • Optional args: T

      (Optional) arguments to pass to the dialogs begin() method.

    Returns IDialogWaterfallStep

Static endDialog

Static send

  • Returns a closure that will send a simple text message to the user.


    • msg: string

      Text of the message to send. The message will be localized using the sessions configured localizer. If arguments are passed in the message will be formatted using sprintf-js (see the docs for details.)

    • Rest ...args: any[]

      (Optional) arguments used to format the final output string.

    Returns IDialogWaterfallStep


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