Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute Class Reference

The LUIS model information. More...

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Public Member Functions

 LuisModelAttribute (string modelID, string subscriptionKey, LuisApiVersion apiVersion=LuisApiVersion.V2)
 Construct the LUIS model information. More...
bool Equals (ILuisModel other)
override bool Equals (object other)
override int GetHashCode ()

Public Attributes

LuisApiVersion ApiVersion => apiVersion
string ModelID => modelID
string SubscriptionKey => subscriptionKey
Uri UriBase => uriBase

Static Public Attributes

static readonly IReadOnlyDictionary< LuisApiVersion, Uri > LuisEndpoints

Detailed Description

The LUIS model information.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.LuisModelAttribute ( string  modelID,
string  subscriptionKey,
LuisApiVersion  apiVersion = LuisApiVersion.V2 

Construct the LUIS model information.

modelIDThe LUIS model ID.
subscriptionKeyThe LUIS subscription key.
apiVersionThe LUIS API version.

Definition at line 109 of file LuisModel.cs.

Member Function Documentation

bool Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.Equals ( ILuisModel  other)

Definition at line 117 of file LuisModel.cs.

override bool Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.Equals ( object  other)

Definition at line 127 of file LuisModel.cs.

override int Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.GetHashCode ( )

Definition at line 132 of file LuisModel.cs.

Member Data Documentation

LuisApiVersion Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.ApiVersion => apiVersion

Definition at line 93 of file LuisModel.cs.

readonly IReadOnlyDictionary<LuisApiVersion, Uri> Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.LuisEndpoints
Initial value:
= new Dictionary<LuisApiVersion, Uri>()
{LuisApiVersion.V1, new Uri("")},
{LuisApiVersion.V2, new Uri("")}

Definition at line 95 of file LuisModel.cs.

string Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.ModelID => modelID

Definition at line 84 of file LuisModel.cs.

string Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.SubscriptionKey => subscriptionKey

Definition at line 87 of file LuisModel.cs.

Uri Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Luis.LuisModelAttribute.UriBase => uriBase

Definition at line 90 of file LuisModel.cs.

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