Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActionActivity Interface Reference

User took action on a message (button click) More...

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dynamic ChannelData [get, set]
 Channel specific payload More...
string ChannelId [get, set]
 Channel this activity is associated with More...
ConversationAccount Conversation [get, set]
 Conversation Address More...
ChannelAccount From [get, set]
 Sender address data More...
string Id [get, set]
 Id for the activity More...
ChannelAccount Recipient [get, set]
 Bot's address More...
string ServiceUrl [get, set]
 (PROPOSED) ServiceUrl More...
DateTime Timestamp [get, set]
 Time when message was sent More...
string Type [get, set]
 Activity type More...

Detailed Description

User took action on a message (button click)

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Property Documentation

dynamic Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.ChannelData

Channel specific payload

Some channels will provide channel specific data.

For a message originating in the channel it might provide the original native schema object for the channel.

For a message coming into the channel it might accept a payload allowing you to create a "native" response for the channel.


  • Email - The Email Channel will put the original Email metadata into the ChannelData object for outgoing messages, and will accep on incoming message a Subject property, and a HtmlBody which can contain Html.

The channel data essentially allows a bot to have access to native functionality on a per channel basis.

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string Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.ChannelId

Channel this activity is associated with

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ConversationAccount Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.Conversation

Conversation Address

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ChannelAccount Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.From

Sender address data

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string Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.Id

Id for the activity

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ChannelAccount Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.Recipient

Bot's address

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string Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.ServiceUrl

(PROPOSED) ServiceUrl

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DateTime Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.Timestamp

Time when message was sent

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string Microsoft.Bot.Connector.IActivity.Type

Activity type

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