Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.PromptDialog.PromptAttachment Class Referenceabstract

Prompt for an attachment More...

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Public Member Functions

 PromptAttachment (string prompt, string retry, int attempts, IEnumerable< string > contentTypes=null)
 Constructor for a prompt attachment dialog. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual IMessageActivity MakePrompt (IDialogContext context, string prompt, IReadOnlyList< U > options=null, IReadOnlyList< string > descriptions=null)
virtual async Task MessageReceivedAsync (IDialogContext context, IAwaitable< IMessageActivity > message)
override bool TryParse (IMessageActivity message, out IEnumerable< Attachment > result)
abstract bool TryParse (IMessageActivity message, out T result)

Protected Attributes

readonly PromptOptions< U > promptOptions


IEnumerable< string > ContentTypes [get]

Detailed Description

Prompt for an attachment

Normally used through PromptDialog.Attachment(IDialogContext, ResumeAfter<IEnumerable<Connector.Attachment>>, string, IEnumerable<string>, string, int).

Definition at line 607 of file PromptDialog.cs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.PromptDialog.PromptAttachment.PromptAttachment ( string  prompt,
string  retry,
int  attempts,
IEnumerable< string >  contentTypes = null 

Constructor for a prompt attachment dialog.

promptThe prompt.
retryWhat to display on retry.
attemptsThe optional content types the attachment type should be part of.
contentTypesThe content types that is used to filter the attachments. Null implies any content type.

Definition at line 620 of file PromptDialog.cs.

Member Function Documentation

virtual IMessageActivity Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.Internals.Prompt< T, U >.MakePrompt ( IDialogContext  context,
string  prompt,
IReadOnlyList< U >  options = null,
IReadOnlyList< string >  descriptions = null 

Definition at line 770 of file PromptDialog.cs.

virtual async Task Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.Internals.Prompt< T, U >.MessageReceivedAsync ( IDialogContext  context,
IAwaitable< IMessageActivity message 

Definition at line 744 of file PromptDialog.cs.

override bool Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.PromptDialog.PromptAttachment.TryParse ( IMessageActivity  message,
out IEnumerable< Attachment result 

Definition at line 626 of file PromptDialog.cs.

abstract bool Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.Internals.Prompt< T, U >.TryParse ( IMessageActivity  message,
out T  result 
protectedpure virtualinherited

Member Data Documentation

readonly PromptOptions<U> Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.Internals.Prompt< T, U >.promptOptions

Definition at line 730 of file PromptDialog.cs.

Property Documentation

IEnumerable<string> Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Dialogs.PromptDialog.PromptAttachment.ContentTypes

Definition at line 610 of file PromptDialog.cs.

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