Microsoft.Bot.Builder.ConnectorEx.KeyboardCard Class Reference

Card representing a keyboard More...

Public Member Functions

 KeyboardCard (string text, IList< CardAction > buttons)
 Constructs an instance of the keyboard card. More...

Public Attributes

const string ContentType = "application/"
 Content type of keyboard card for Attachment.ContentType. More...


IList< CardActionButtons [get, set]
 The buttons in the keyboard. More...
string Text [get, set]
 The keyboard text. More...

Detailed Description

Card representing a keyboard

This will be mapped to HeroCard for all channels except Facebook. For Facebook, KeyboardCardMapper maps it to FacebookQuickReply

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Microsoft.Bot.Builder.ConnectorEx.KeyboardCard.KeyboardCard ( string  text,
IList< CardAction buttons 

Constructs an instance of the keyboard card.

textThe keyboard text.
buttonsThe buttons in keyboard.

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Member Data Documentation

const string Microsoft.Bot.Builder.ConnectorEx.KeyboardCard.ContentType = "application/"

Content type of keyboard card for Attachment.ContentType.

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Property Documentation

IList<CardAction> Microsoft.Bot.Builder.ConnectorEx.KeyboardCard.Buttons

The buttons in the keyboard.

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string Microsoft.Bot.Builder.ConnectorEx.KeyboardCard.Text

The keyboard text.

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