Starting a Conversation

Conversations can take many forms. For example, your bot can have a private conversation with a single user, or a group conversation with multiple users including other bots. Most channels support private conversations but not all channels support group conversations. To determine whether the channel supports group conversations, see the channel’s documentation.

Most of the time, users will start the conversation. If the user starts the conversation, your bot simply responds to messages that the user sends (see Sending and receiving messages). But sometimes your bot may want to start the conversation. For example, if your bot knows about the user’s interests, and it learns of a news event or article that’s related to one of their interests, your bot can start the conversation with the user to alert them to the article.

In order to start a conversation, your bot needs to know its account information on that channel as well as the user’s account information. If you’re going to start conversations, make sure you cache the account information along with any other relevant information such as user preferences and locale (so the message uses the language of the user).

To start the conversation, send a POST request to The body of the request must contain a Conversation object. You must specify your bot’s account information and the users that you want to join the conversation. To determine whether the channel supports group conversations, and the maximum number of participants that it allows in a conversation, see the channel’s documentation.

The following example shows a request to start a conversation.

Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1Ni...
Content-Type: application/json

    "bot": {
        "id": "12345678",
        "name": "bot's name"
    "isGroup": false,
    "members": [
            "id": "1234abcd",
            "name": "recipient's name"
    "topicName": "News Alert"

If the Connector is able to establish the conversation with the specified users, the response will contain an ID that identifies the conversation. Make sure that you capture the ID because you’ll need it to send messages to the users. The following example shows a response that contains a conversation ID.

    "id": "abcd1234"

After initiating the conversation, your bot sends a message to the users by posting a request to For details about sending and receiving messages, see Sending and receiving messages.

For details about starting a conversation using the .NET or Node SDKs, see Alarm Bot and Proactive Messaging.